Love and Marriage

I don’t often talk about my personal life on this site, but sometimes the most personal things are the things most worth writing about.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to Kibwé and Crystal’s wedding. Throughout the day, Kibwé was giddy like a school boy and Crystal couldn’t have had a bigger smile behind her veil. Not only are they best friends (and the furthest throwing hammer throwing couple in the history of the world), they are also deeply in love and it showed. But, I have to admit, I was quite distracted the whole time.

Nearly two years ago, I met Kate, the love of my own life. Although we attended law school together, we barely knew each other when we started to date. Nevertheless, things took off quickly and thankfully she was able to withstand my frequent absences and trips to Canada and Europe. Throughout our journey, we only grew closer and more in love. Having just returned to Seattle for a visit, this was one of those moments that we were growing closer. As she sat with me at the wedding, I couldn’t help but imagine her at our own wedding. I couldn’t help thinking about it since I had just proposed to her minutes before the ceremony.


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9 replies
  1. Jeanne Hildebrand
    Jeanne Hildebrand says:

    I am thrilled for you both (and for myself since I will have an awesome new nephew-in-law). Very well done!!

  2. Marge James
    Marge James says:

    Welcome to the Fam! And, for being such a Great Kate Fan! Congrats on the engagement. Looking forward to meeting you some day…. maybe Switzerland!


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