Ask Martin Vol. 8: Last Minute Preparations

Question: Now that the school is staring to slow down and all I have left for the remainder of the year is finals, I am trying to get myself in the best throwing shape possible and at the quickest pace. I know that throwers have to go through different cycles of training throughout the year and I understand that you can not get into maximum throwing shape or strength in only a month. However, I would like to try and come as close as i can to being in the best shape that I can be in before my first track meet on January 4th. Do you have any work out suggestions and even training, drills, or tips that can get me ready for this January? -Charles

I always get surprised every December when I see results pop up so soon. The season seems so far away that it acts as a wake up call. But despite the alarm, you must keep your focus on the long term. The hammer throw is an event for the patient. While there are some shortcuts to success, they normally hinder you in the long run. A steady focus on technique will always provide the most benefit over time. When you think about it, what you throw on January 4th doesn’t even matter. If you are concerned about success during the indoor season, you should be focusing on February and March. You’ll have plenty of time to prove yourself during the season. And what you should really be focusing on is the outdoor season, which won’t wrap up for more than six months.


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