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Back in 2002, Harold Connolly asked me to help him maintain his website, Harold’s son had started the site for him as a birthday gift, but Harold didn’t have the know-how to keep it up to date. I, on the other hand, had already started and and clearly loved doing that type of work. As a college freshman with too much time on my hands, I was secretly hoping he’d ask for my help with his site too. I was actually already planning on asking him to take over this role and had begun drafting a redesign to help make my case for my abilities.

Harold’s vision for the site was to create an online resource for information about the hammer throw. My vision for the site was to create a one-stop resource for everything about the hammer throw. While I was able to experiment with some new ideas, my vision was too big and I eventually ran out of time to give the site. Over the past few years, the only updates to have been to post information about Harold’s annual youth hammer throw grants. The site looked dated and its organizational structure hid the loads of information it contained.


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