March Training Update

It’s been nearly two months since my last training update on here. However, it seems like you all enjoy other topics more since I had a record number of readers last month. Lately I’ve also enjoyed talking about other topics more because my results have been reliably mediocre.

I tend to be optimistic about training. When I have a bad day or bad week of training, I tend to write it off since a step back is actually part of the my plan to progress forward. However the past two weeks have been different because this step back was not planned. I picked up the flu right around the Swiss Indoor Championships. While it was never that bad, it drained my energy for a while, left me five pounds lighter, and somehow stole most of the technical progress I’ve made in the offseason.

The biggest loss has been my explosiveness. We never max out in weightlifting exercises, but I was fooling around after practice on day in February and was easily able to match my personal best in the power clean. Now my legs feel like jello every morning. It has been difficult to get the feeling back because the last few weeks have been an active rest period for me. I have taken fewer throws and done almost no weight lifting. Starting tomorrow, I will begin with a standard training program which should help me get back to form. While it may be a little late to save my first competition in two weeks, the first competition is always just a test to see where to begin the season.


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