How to Coach Another Coach’s Athlete

Since I am still training as a thrower, I have not developed my own stable of throwers to coach. Instead I help my club’s youth throwing coach, put on clinics, or respond to videos sent via email from all over the world. Coaching another coach’s athlete can be very difficult since you have limited time to make an impact and also do not want to step on the toes of the other coach.

Since starting as a coach several years ago, I’ve found that some things I’ve tried have worked well and other things have failed. Overall, the following steps have worked the best for me:

  • Step 1 – Observe. Watch a few throws before making any comments. Often the athlete is nervous to throw before someone new or they just are not warm yet. After a few throws you can begin to see what things they are consistently doing right and wrong…


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2 replies
  1. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    I get so annoyed when someone comes up and throws 10 things my athletes are doing wrong at them. Many of the times it doesn’t even seem like they are really trying to help but show off their knowledge. Suddenly at practice that week my guys are trying to fix 3-4 things without me knowing. I usually teach my guys to ignore outside help because they just come back confused.

    I never mind a fresh pair of eyes on a nagging issue but I don’t think nearly enough coaches follow step 2, they rather give their two cents no matter if it railroads the coach.

    Great list, I really hope everyone is reading this.

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      You make me realize I forgot a step: don’t coach unless asked to. You can always talk to the coach, but I think you should have his or the athlete’s permission before working directly with the athlete.


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