Predictors of Success for Collegiate Throwers

Since I’ve been strongly influenced by Bondarchuk, I love reading studies that look at how well certain exercises or training methods correlate to results. I recently ran across a new article co-authored by a friend and former coach of mine (Glenn McAtee) that is one of the first of its kind to analyze the result of American throwers. The article, titled “Predictors Of Personal Best Performance In The Hammer Throw For U.S. Collegiate Throwers” was published in Track Coach this year by Larry Judge, David Bellar, Glenn McAtee and Mike Judge.

To gather the data need for the article, the authors sent out a questionnaire to over 200 collegiate hammer throwers and received a response rate of 35%. The questionaire asked athletes to list their best results in various exercises, answer questions about their technique, and also provide information on their training background.


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5 replies
  1. tomsonite
    tomsonite says:

    Great article, I used it for my thesis. More scientific research like this that has actual numbers to back up ideas or notions of training needs to be done, so that coaches and athletes can see what truly does work, what truly doesn’t, and why.

  2. faldy15
    faldy15 says:

    Interesting article, but wouldn’t it be better to see the results for the top throwers in the NCAA or even more specifically the ones who have been over 70m throughout the years? I feel like that would be more appropriate to help hammer throwers improve since it would be showing what the top guys do to be successful instead of showing everyone what the average thrower at the NCAA level does to be average.


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