Holiday Training Update

It has been a while since I’ve written about my training, mostly because I’ve been exhausted for the past two months. For the six weeks after I visited Kamloops I was busy getting back into weight lifting for the first time in months. It took me a while to see some results and they finally came in the form of fatigue. Therefore I was excited two weeks ago when Dr. B gave me an early Christmas present in the form of a new training program.

As is typical, my training typically alternate between easy lifting phases and moderate lifting phases. This new program falls into the easy category and I, as always, think this period will be akin to rest. But it never is. If you are training ten times a week, you cannot classify it as a rest period no matter how little weight lifting there is. To top it off, my throwing volume is at an all-time high in this program. At first, I this was due to long-distance miscommunication between us, but it wasn’t. And after reshuffling rest days due to Christmas last week I clocked in a new weekly throwing volume record: 325 full throws! While my current weight lifting is very easy, I actually feel more fatigued now because my CNS is worn down after all those throws. My muscles are not sore, but I just don’t quite react as quickly as I normally do. Luckily, these programs serve as a transition and it should not last much longer. I hope to be back to my normal training in the next few weeks and that will allow the hard work over the last two months to transfer into results.


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3 replies
  1. Bosko
    Bosko says:

    I didn’t even know there will be a European Cup Winter Throwing in Montenegro. Thanks for the information. The weather in Bar is not bad in March, it’s rather warm but the wind can sometimes be tough. There’s a direct railway from my town in Serbia to Bar in Montenegro, so, I can be there to see it.

    Martin, is an empty website template that says nothing, so do you maybe know if Krisztian Pars is going to be there as well? He was in Sofia this year.

    • Martin
      Martin says:

      From what I am told, the website should be up an running very soon. The final entries will not be announced until March. Last week was the deadline for preliminary entries, but federations have until the end of February to make final entries. I’d assume Pars would be there. The only year he has missed recently was 2010, but he was recovering from surgery.

      Let me know if you’ll make it.

  2. Dave Ratcliffe
    Dave Ratcliffe says:

    Hi Martin

    If you are aiming for the same style as Julia. (which I think you are)

    Your first turn is better. You land in a good position with separation and good head position.

    However, at the start of your second turn you almost take your left foot off the ground which slows down your turn, allows the ball to gain on you and you lose your separation and ground your right foot late.

    If you keep your head position to the right but closer to your left shoulder and lean more towards the centre of the circle that position should get your weight more over your left foot and enable you to move your bottom half faster and hence keep your good position and separation.

    Also, part way through your final turn, you are beginning to tense up and look down. You final touchdown is with a curved back (a weak position and hard on the back).

    If you can put your head back and close to your left shoulder at the beginning of the final turn instead of the end I think your final landing position will stronger. I am trying to get Julia to do this at the moment.

    Happy New Year



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