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New Book From Bondarchuk

A year ago my coach, Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk, released an English book on Periodization. This was not a book about hammer throwing; it is a book about sports training in general. The core of the book laid out sixteen methods of “periods of development of sports form” which are the building blocks to periodizing a season. Depending on the athlete, the sport, and the goals, a coach can select a method to maximize the athletic potential of an athlete.

This summer he released volume two, which is available for sale on his website along with a full table of contents. In this volume he lays out an additional eighteen methods of period of development of sport form. These are more building blocks a coach can play with. Again, only a few of these methods might be ideal for each sport. But the more options you have to work with the better coach you can be.

If you liked the first book on periodization, the second will provide even more information. Much of the book is again in graphs, which are easier to understand if you have a general knowledge of his ideas. However if you struggled to understand the translation or concepts in the first book, the second will be no different, including the hefty price tag. What everyone is waiting for is a little more guidance about what methods might work best for what sports; but then again we can always experiment on our own.

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