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Sound Mind, Sound Body

As an undergraduate I majored in a topic that some considered the antithesis of my athletic pursuits: philosophy. My training was focused on my body and my studies were focused on the mind. They couldn’t be further apart, right? But one of the big things I learned from my studies is that they are closer than you think. And bear with me as I put this in context so that I can bring it back around to coaching.

Training Blogs

  • Martin Bingisser

    The swiss Hammer Throw Champion talks about training and throwing.

  • Kibwé Johnson

    The US champion takes us along on the road to the 2016 Olympics.

  • Jason Young

    Olympic discus thrower and coach Jason Young shares his ideas on throwing and training.

  • Zac Brouillette

    Strength coach Zac Brouillette applies his athletics background to a variety of sports.

Quote of the Week

Jüri Tamm

[Bondarchuk] didn’t also like the philosophy that if you are starting to grow too quickly you need to stop that by using more intensive exercises. For him such growth was like the birth of a child. It is such an amazing thing. To go to the top of condition, to be in sport form, you cannot match that feeling. You can do anything. You are lucky and do not know when it will come again. Why stop it?

Jüri TammAnother Training Talk With Jüri Tamm (Part 1)