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Why Start Monday?

I spend a large portion of my day talking to people about fitness, exercise, and health. At times the conversation will shift to a new concept, or program that this individual is wanting to try. Almost every person wants to start their new life on Monday. What the heck is so special about Monday? Why didn’t you start yesterday, or this morning? Even if it’s a Tuesday morning, and the greatest idea ever thought is lingering, most of us will wait to get it all figured out on Monday! I think that the best thinkers and achievers are those that disregard that idea, that climb over simple social obstacles and get things done ASAP.

Training Blogs

  • Martin Bingisser

    The Swiss Hammer Throw champion and national coach talks about training and throwing.

  • Kibwé Johnson

    The US champion takes us along on the road to the 2016 Olympics.

  • Vern Gambetta

    A leader in athletic develompent, Gambetta wrties from experience across many sports.

  • Jason Young

    Olympic discus thrower and coach Jason Young shares his ideas on throwing and training.

  • Craig Pickering

    Craig combines his experience as an Olympic sprinter and a sports scientist to give a practical view on performance sports training.

  • Derek Evely

    Former Candian and UK training center director writes about training theory and organization.

  • Zac Brouillette

    Strength coach Zac Brouillette applies his athletics background to a variety of sports.