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With a membership to HMMR Media, you can receive access to a wealth of information about training methods, coaching, technique, as well as interviews with top throwers and coaches from throughout throwing history. The premium training archives are available to members online and contain over 500 posts and 500,000 words of content on a wide range of topics relating to general training topics, as well as more specific posts about the hammer throw, shot put, and discus. The most popular topics from our four authors are:

Martin Bingisser’s Blog

  • View the complete archives here.
  • Training methods: the Swiss national champion draws on his decade of experience training with Anatoliy Bondarchuk to give insight into training methods for all sports and topics like special strength, periodization, and talent identification.
  • Learn from the world’s top coaches as Martin interviews Dan Pfaff, Jean-Pierre Egger, Don Babbitt, Harry Marra, Vern Gambetta, and Derek Evely. Or his chats with Olympic champions and throwing legands Adam Nelson, Primoz Kozmus, Mac Wilkins, Jüri Tamm, Sergej Litvinov Jr., Kathrin Klaas, and many more.
  • Take a detailed look at throwing technique, biomechanics, and training methods.

Kibwé Johnson’s Blog

Vern Gambetta’s Blog

  • View the complete archives here.
  • Popular author and speaker Vern Gambetta has worked as a coach of professional athletes and teams in more than a dozen sports.

The Spin with Nick Garcia

  • View the complete archives here.
  • One of the most successful high school coaches in the country discus thrower, Garcia discusses how he breaks down complex training ideas to work at the high school level.

Jason Young’s Blog

  • View the complete archives here.
  • Olympic discus thrower and former Division I strength coach Jason Young walks you through his training, and the lessons he has learned in more than a decade on the international level.
  • Jason makes technique simple as has recently written a book on discus throwing.

Zac Brouillette’s Blog

  • View the complete archives here.
  • As a top strength coach, Zac Brouillette combines his background in athletics with his experience training team sports to tackle the most important topics facing the strength and conditioning community today.

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