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The private World Athletics Center has created some innovate new programs, like the Apprentice Coaches Program, to help advance coaches education.

Coaching Roundtable: Grass Roots Development

So far our first coaching roundtables have provided technical feedback from some of the world’s best throwing coaches to emerging international throwers like Julia Ratcliffe and Chris Cralle. But I want to switch things up for the next roundtable and get some perspective on how we can grow the sport as a whole as well as individual events, a topic which is of great interest to me as I try to replicate the success of the informal American youth hammer project here in Switzerland.

Training Blogs

Martin Bingisser

The swiss Hammer Throw Champion talks about training and throwing.

Kibwe Johnson

The US champion takes us along on the road to the 2016 Olympics.

Jason Young

Olympic discus thrower and coach Jason Young shares his ideas on throwing and training.

The Spin

High school coach Nick Garcia shares his tips on training for the shot put and discus.

Zac Brouillette

Strength coach Zac Brouillette applies his athletics background to a variety of sports.