Coaching is a process with a foundation in pedagogy, supported by science, forged in experience, proven & tested in the competitive arena. Lest we forget coaching is not about training, technique, tactics and strategy, it is about people. Read more


Addressing a Recent Challenge

Recently I was challenged. I was challenged by a long time friend to step up and coach at the college level. He said “I talk the talk” by all the stuff I have recently done on HMMR Media in regards to the blog and podcasts so why don’t I “walk the walk.” This basically stemmed from when I was a younger thrower and coach and would get upset with guys who self promote them selves on the internet. Although it is true that those type of guys upset me back then, I feel I take a different approach to how I put out information. At least I try to take a different approach. Read more


"The Wrecking Crew"

The Wrecking Crew is an amazing documentary about change, innovation, humility, teamwork and sacrifice. This is not a sports documentary, but it very well could be, rather it is a documentary about a group of back-up musicians who changed the game. The old studio musicians were not adaptable. They played the notes as they were written and trained to play. They were very formulaic, stuck in their ways, why should they change it had worked before, but music was changing and the demands were changing. So along came the so-called “Wrecking Crew” a group of younger musicians many of whom had backgrounds in different genre’s of music who were completely adaptable and willing to push the envelope. They went beyond the notes as written, they made connections, looked for rhythms and tempos that other either ignored or had not seen. They realized that they could not change music by playing the same. Read more


The Creative Process of Coaching

Every composer starts with the same notes. Every author starts with the same alphabet. All artists start with the same palette of basic colors. Then why aren’t there more Beethoven’s, Hemingway’s and Rembrandt’s? The answer is genius and the creative process. Coaching is similar; at the heart of coaching is the creative process. The coach is no different than the composer or the artist. The coach’s palette is the human body expressed through movement. Graham, Wallis described the four stages of the creative process. The steps in this process are easily adapted to the coaching environment. It is important to remember that this is not a linear process. Read more


Winning Culture

It is there and it is important. You can feel it! There is a sense of personal accountability from the superstars to the custodians, they are all in and believe each is equally important. Leadership is from within not from above. The focus is on the task at hand, building on and learning from the past successes and failures but always preparing for the future. Read more


GAIN 2015 Lessons – Greg Thompson on PE as a Foundation

Greg is a elementary school PE teacher in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It is hard to find a word to express this mans depth of knowledge and passion. If there is something more genuine than genuine Greg is it. In addition to teaching PE Greg also coaches soccer achieving USA Soccer A Badge, the highest level of certification in the US. I asked Greg to kickoff GAIN with a presentation on PE as the Foundation. Needless to say he knocked our socks off. He set the tempo for the whole program with his ideas. Read more


GAIN 2015 – Wrap-up

It has been over a week since we ended GAIN 2015 our eighth iteration of the annual program. Each one has gotten successively better and this one was the best. It has been hard to get back into the normal swing of things after spending five supercharged days around such great professionals and even more important great people. It is very intense and demanding. I know for the first time attendees it is often overwhelming but we strive to set the bar high to help people improve as professionals. Read more