Learning From the Past

Much of what I stand for is not new, we already know it, it has worked in the past in a myriad of environments but has been rejected as old fashioned, not high tech, not scientific. We have abandoned proven methods in the name of progress. Certainly in every field of endeavor everything old is new again, but because of our society’s rejection of the past we have not studied the coaches who paved the way for us. Read more


GAINcast Episode 34: Live from Glasgow

Two weeks ago Vern and I got the opportunity to present at the Scottish Athletics annual coaching conference. At the end of the seminar we got that chance to pose some questions to all the presenters at a roundtable session. We recorded that discussion and present it as this week’s episode. Read more


Thinking & Questioning

I have a passionate belief in defining the field of athletic development. I have consistently questioned much of what passes as conventional wisdom in regards to training and rehab and I ask you to do the same. Think and question. I am not a sport scientist, physical therapist, ATC, a doctor, or a sport psychologist; I am a coach and educator. As a coach I have to travel in all those worlds. Because of my experience in those worlds I learned to use conventional wisdom as a starting point and not be constrained by it. Read more


Vin Scully – Excellence Personified!

Growing up in California in the late 1950’s and early 60’s, Vin Scully was your steady companion on warm summer nights. There was nothing better than listening to Vin Scully on a little transistor radio describe the excellence of Sandy Koufax pitching or the daring of Maury Will stealing a base when everyone in the stadium knew what he was going to do. There was special melodic quality and clarity to his voice, no hyperbole, no screaming, pure class, and the focus was on the game and the players. Read more


HMMR Podcast Episode 68: Get Organized

Get the most out of a training session is as much about how you do it than what you do. Optimal organization of training can make it efficient, more productive, better focused, and more beneficial to the athletes. On this episode we discuss some planning steps that can help you better organize your sessions. Read more

Danny Mackey coaching his wife, Katie, at a training camp in Albequerque. Photo by Craig Fritz.

4 Rules For Coaching Your Spouse

One of the questions I get asked on a regular basis, be it from an athlete, coach, fan or journalist, is “how is it coaching your wife?” Depending on who is asking, the question might be a preamble into marriage counseling, a validation of their skepticism, or a thinly veiled gauge of my sanity. The one consistent is my answer: it is not simple. Read more


GAINcast Episode 30: Coaching Shortcuts

In his nearly 50 years of coaching, Vern has learned many lessons the hard way. On this week’s GAINcast he shares some of his lessons learned that can hopefully serve as shortcuts for younger coaches and a reminder of effective training practices for more experienced coaches. Read more


Survivorship Bias

How often do we focus our analysis on winners? They could be winners in any aspect of life; sport, business, medicine, but the case is clear – we tend to look towards those who are successful for clues and lessons on how to be more successful ourselves. But is this actually the right way to do things? Read more


GAINcast Episode 29: Dryland Training (with Matt Kredich)

For the past year Vern has been working with University of Tennessee swim team to create integrated dry land training program. On this week’s episode Tennessee head coach Matt Kredich joins us to discuss his own training philosophy and how they are putting the pieces together in Knoxville. He provides unique insight on how head coaches and strength coaches can get on the same page to get team buy in to achieve results together. Read more


Coaching Lessons from In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out burger has come to be the quintessential California burger place. For years I thought it was all hype, just another fast food McDonald’s wannabe and then a few years ago a friend took me there for a burger. I was hooked, now every time I go to California I have to stop and get an In-N-Out burger. Their burgers are really good! The purpose of this post is not to promote In-N-Out burger rather it is draw some coaching lessons from what I observed on my visit this past weekend. Read more