Back to Training

Since I last wrote about my own training, a lot has happened. I got married, took a wonderful honeymoon, and have now returned to my normal training routine.

Honeymoon in Basque Country

After getting married in California, Kate and I quickly traveled back to Zürich before heading to the Basque country in northern Spain and southern France for 10-days on the beach. I wanted to visit a new and unique area for our trip, and we found just that. First off, the food was stunning, especially the pintxos in San Sebastian. I normally lose weight when I take a break from training, but this time that was not the case. But beyond the food, the area was beautiful and full of friendly locals. We were able to relax, catch up on some sleep, and try a little surfing. Before coming home we also got a little taste of local sport by watching a game of jaï alaï, a unique derivative of tennis where the positions of the athletes get into positions that resemble javelin throwers.


Just Married

As of August 14, 2011, I have a new ball and chain. After nearly three wonderful years together, I am proud to call Kate my wife. Let’s all welcome Kate to the hammer throwing family. You’ll see me drag her along to track meets for years to come, but first I’ll be dragging her off to a 10-day honeymoon in the morning. Amazingly, I will leave my hammer behind and thankfully I shouldn’t experience too many symptoms of withdrawal since I couldn’t help training on the day of the ceremony.

From a recent profile in the Zürich 2 newspaper. Photo by Lorenz Steinmann.

Hammer Throw Media Blitz

Right after the Swiss Championships I hopped on a plane to America, where I am now preparing for my wedding on Sunday. I took a three week vacation from work for the wedding and honeymoon (one of the benefits of working in Europe) and had planned on taking most of that time off of training. But after talking with coach Bondarchuk on Sunday, I will now only take a 10-day break. I am in great shape and he doesn’t want me to lose that before starting my training back up again. That means I am trying to squeeze in a few training sessions before the wedding and then will relax on the honeymoon. Even though the break is shorter than planned, I think it is still my longest period of time off since 2007. A man of few words, he gave me a succinct reply after I presented him with a revised training schedule: “Okey. Heppe weding. M.B.”

Love and Marriage

I don’t often talk about my personal life on this site, but sometimes the most personal things are the things most worth writing about.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to Kibwé and Crystal’s wedding. Throughout the day, Kibwé was giddy like a school boy and Crystal couldn’t have had a bigger smile behind her veil. Not only are they best friends (and the furthest throwing hammer throwing couple in the history of the world), they are also deeply in love and it showed. But, I have to admit, I was quite distracted the whole time.

Nearly two years ago, I met Kate, the love of my own life. Although we attended law school together, we barely knew each other when we started to date. Nevertheless, things took off quickly and thankfully she was able to withstand my frequent absences and trips to Canada and Europe. Throughout our journey, we only grew closer and more in love. Having just returned to Seattle for a visit, this was one of those moments that we were growing closer. As she sat with me at the wedding, I couldn’t help but imagine her at our own wedding. I couldn’t help thinking about it since I had just proposed to her minutes before the ceremony.