Throwing at the Swiss Club Championships (photo by Fritz Berger)

Win at the Swiss Club Championships

With a team comprised of a mixture very young and aging athletes, my club (ST Bern) entered today’s Swiss Club Championships with one main goal: don’t get relegated.  The premiere league has eight teams and each season the bottom team is replaced by the winner of the second division.  We were able to escape relegation this year by placing sixth.  One more year in the top league will give us a good opportunity to develop the young athletes into leading roles on the team.  Hopefully we will ascend once again to the top of the Swiss rankings.

Teammate updates

I forgot to congratulate my teammates at ST Bern in my last post. ST Bern is my track club in Switzerland. Last weekend, the team became the Swiss Team Champions in hammer throw. Unfortunately I was unable to make the trip to compete, but the remainder of the team led by two-time Swiss champion Roland Widmer took home the title.