UW/WSU Dual Meet

The University of Washington Huskies will be hosting Washington State University on Saturday for the 94th edition of the UW/WSU dual meet.  The dual meet was always one of my favorite meets to compete in, partially because of the rivalry and partially because it was a chance to just have fun.  For instance, the dual meet was my only chance to throw the shot put each season.  While I was never that great at the event, it was my first love and I really enjoyed tossing it around every once in a while.  It was also a chance for me to do something extra to help the team win.
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Field vs. Track

Congratulations to the University of Washington women’s cross country team for their recent national title. While it was an exciting season to follow, its end means that the track and field season is near., the internet’s leading track and field news site, just published a good article on their front page that discusses how the field events often take a back seat to the running events in our sport. I probably think it is good merely because it quotes me, but click here to read the article here and judge for yourself. The article does make me sound like I am complaining. To the contrary, I really don’t mind being in a sport that is out of the spotlight, but it is important to note the barriers to success that it creates. Read more